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A meditation on Psalm 51

A MEDITATION ON PSALM FIFTY ONE. This week, I went with my friend , Gary, to a "More Worship" event at St. Luke's. The theme was Lent, and a big part of Lent is repentance and Psalm 51 which we read through. As, you may know, this Lenten period, I have focused on Joy. Now Psalm 51 isn't a psalm that springs to mind when thinking about Joy, but Joy does feature. So let's reflect on this. The psalm is David's prayer to God and it is a SONG. Do we sing when we pray, or do we keep the singing for church? I think God likes it when we sing to him. We don't only have to sing when we're happy and everything is going great. The psalmist tells us (probably in song) to sing a New Song to the Lord. David comes as a broken man to God and he cries out for forgiveness, appealing to God's mercy and lovingkindness. Blot out — The sins had been recorded. They could legally remain there for every. But David appeals to God to intervene and remove it completely. God …

My Wilderness

Forty years I wandered! I wondered "Who am I?" Do I belong Or am I a stranger Looking on
I went through the waters  Like of every other Carried on the arms of my mother I had the sense I didn't fit in Because my heart was "infected by sin"
Unclean, unclean! They had me call. And live outside the camp Heal me, heal me, make me whole Rid me of this curse of difference!
Oh my God, why am I condemned? When I found you and you found me. I cleaned you up, out and in I did not leave a speck of sin There is no reason to feel condemned.
I was all alone in great despair When I heard Him say to me John, my child, why are you there? Don't you know I set you free? Who I set free, is free, indeed!