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PLAYING THE ROLE OR BEING REAL Our first film-group movie of the academic year - was Vertigo by Hitchcock. The discussion that arose out of it, was, to what extent do we find ourselves "playing a role" so as to fit in with what people expect us to be. When I got home, BBC Radio 4 had a programme called "Philosophers Arms" - and they discussed the  Fakes. Do we find ourselves "saying cheese" a lot? I'm not talking about being photographed, so much feeling the need to smile though on the inside we are wanting to weep? Why do we do that? Any thoughts? If we find ourselves "saying cheese" a lot, is there any point in being "in Church?" Can't we worship God as much in the garden (or the golf course, or the fishing pier, your particular favourite spot), if not more, than you can in Church? Is not part of Church, Koinonia - fellowship? κοινωνία, κοινωνίας, ἡ (κοινωνός), fellowship, association, community, communion, joint participa…