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Gideon Glimpses God

I have been meditating of late on GLIMPSES OF GOD in the Bible -because that is the title of the series of sermons Vanessa our rector has started preaching at St. Mary's.  

I have to confess I am rushing ahead and looking at some glimpses that Vanessa hasn't preached on.

This evening I have been thinking about  Gideon's glimpse.  Wow, I just feel so empowered by this. So, brace yourself

Midianites were troubling Israelites stealing all their crops and livestock.  Intimidating them day in day out.

So it was that our hero enters the scene. Where is this hero? Hiding away in a hole, quietly thrashing the wheat he'd managed to gather from the fields and being understandably  as inconspicuous as he could be so as not to arouse the interest of  Midianites who would then steal what little food he had left. He was not expecting any visitors. God doesn’t always wait for an invitation.

Enter the Lord in the manifestation of "The Angel of the LORD." And He sits down under…

Making Disciples


Don't come at me with your Bible to correct me
Come to me with love to help me.

Don't stand over me and lecture me,
Sit down beside me and listen to my story.

Don't demand I hurry up and keep in pace with you,
Slow down and encourage me to just keep going.

In time, I will want to read the Bible for myself and discover the exciting truth and treasure contained.

In time, I will ask you to teach me and help me to improve.

In time,  I will Run, and leap, and dance and sing,
I will delight myself in God's love,
In time.


Change and Control
What you're about to read are my thoughts on a topic and does not imply any criticism of any person, whatsoever. There are a variety of views on this topic, some religiously based and some based on nature. I am aware that people have very strong feelings/beliefs as I do, and are sensitive when they believe someone is judging them about these beliefs. As far as I am able, I shall avoid giving the should/shouldn't pronouncements.
So much for the disclaimer, what am I on about, I hear you wondering?  Have you ever noticed how sometimes a series of unconnected things can direct our thinking? Well the topic that has " bubbled to the surface" so to speak is the topic of what we can and cannot control and or change about ourselves, and to what extent we  can "interfere with nature" to make those changes,
We also need to ask what lies behind our wish to make changes.  I am talking here in specific regard to our bodies and our minds and when there …

Aftermath of War

It was seventy years ago this May
The "instruments of surrender" signed,
The noise of battle ceased,
Everyone rejoiced!
Well, most people...

There were families who would not see
Their fathers,
     their brothers,
         their sons:
For many, it would be weeks, even months,
before they were demobbed,
before they'd see their loved ones again.

Others would not return at all.

Of those returning,
many wounded,
faced with blindness,
or without limbs they'd taken for granted.
Having to learn the basic things again,

Those unseen wounds
Shell shock as it was known:
It's easier to sympathise when you can SEE what's wrong.
Many sang their triumphal Song
Some felt under fire,
reliving over and over,
the battle,
      the bullets,
             the blood.

The Prime Minister said
"We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing."
True —The enemy of freedom vanquished
But Europe, indeed Great Britain itself,
was tattered and torn,
And whole lot of building …

An audience with Jesus

On the night He was betrayed, Jesus shared a meal with His friends. It was no ordinary meal because it was Pesach — Passover — the night commemorated yearly when Jewish people remember...
Remember? None of them were there?
No they weren't, but they do remember, in the same way that we remember World War I and II and those who died, on Armistice Day, even though we were born many years after the wars ended.
Jews remember that God saved their nation from slavery in Egypt. How do they do this? By having a special meal and a special home service called a Seder.
It is remembrance,  with celebration.
Each part of the meal has special meaning: a roasted egg, bitter herbs, a shank bone (lamb), parsley dipped in salt water... All pointing back to aspects of the story — relating to how God rescued His people.
The unleavened bread (matzo) , the wine. The wine and bread.
This Passover was different: Jesus did not follow the script — the prescribed word order laid down by tradition from time immem…

A meditation on Psalm 51

A MEDITATION ON PSALM FIFTY ONE. This week, I went with my friend , Gary, to a "More Worship" event at St. Luke's. The theme was Lent, and a big part of Lent is repentance and Psalm 51 which we read through. As, you may know, this Lenten period, I have focused on Joy. Now Psalm 51 isn't a psalm that springs to mind when thinking about Joy, but Joy does feature. So let's reflect on this. The psalm is David's prayer to God and it is a SONG. Do we sing when we pray, or do we keep the singing for church? I think God likes it when we sing to him. We don't only have to sing when we're happy and everything is going great. The psalmist tells us (probably in song) to sing a New Song to the Lord. David comes as a broken man to God and he cries out for forgiveness, appealing to God's mercy and lovingkindness. Blot out — The sins had been recorded. They could legally remain there for every. But David appeals to God to intervene and remove it completely. God …

My Wilderness

Forty years I wandered! I wondered "Who am I?" Do I belong Or am I a stranger Looking on
I went through the waters  Like of every other Carried on the arms of my mother I had the sense I didn't fit in Because my heart was "infected by sin"
Unclean, unclean! They had me call. And live outside the camp Heal me, heal me, make me whole Rid me of this curse of difference!
Oh my God, why am I condemned? When I found you and you found me. I cleaned you up, out and in I did not leave a speck of sin There is no reason to feel condemned.
I was all alone in great despair When I heard Him say to me John, my child, why are you there? Don't you know I set you free? Who I set free, is free, indeed!


This post was written in October 2012:

Thought I'd share it again. Please feel free to comment.

Autumn An acorn falls to the ground, By natural processes it becomes embedded beneath the soil.
It's Autumn and the yellow, red and brown foliage blankets the land, Like an electric blanket, emitting its own heat, 11As they mulch the piece of earth that is the nursery bed for a great oak. Rain moisten the soil and the dead leaves give off a heat of their own.
Winter comes, Everything dies back. The colours fade and the world becomes a monochrome, black, white or grey. Animals hibernate. The wind blows, it rains, it pours, then it snows.
ALL DEAD?- NO. Underground, and too slowly for any eye to perceive, The seed germinates and starts to grow.
Spring arrives, the sun rises earlier, and thaws the snow, White covering gives way to green, Shoots break through and greet the new day. It's no longer a seed - it's a sapling.
Over time, it grows, and the stem becomes a trunk. Thicker, more sturdy, U…


Insidious It's insidious, they say, the way it catches us unaware.
How do I prepare to avoid agreeing with the enemy of my soul?
It's insidious! The thing seems so right! It might be the very thing that brings me down.
What are the warning signs that flag up that things are not as they should be?
It's insidious! Just a bit of fun; a joke, I didn't realise it would hurt.
It's insidious! I knew it wasn't quite true — The lie I told to get out of a fix Before I knew it, I'd told six.
It's insidious! He was bringing me down With his criticism and comments. I was tired I snapped and ... He was on the ground.
Temptation does not come as a bolt out of the blue, but rather Like a silent serpent slithering stealthily, Seeking the second it should strike.
Like a lioness, crouching in the long savannah grass, Focused, For that moment to pounce, before her prey can get away.
Like a crocodile, lurking, looking like an innocent log in the shallows of the waterhole. Beady eyes, Watching for it…