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Silence. Noise. Sound.

Is there really such a thing as silence? It depends on what you mean bysilence. A complete absence of sound? Impossiblesilence! Being quiet, not talking. Realisablesilence!

Noise Sharp! Painful! Rock-concert - throbbing loudspeakers Bellowing out the BOOM, BOOM, BOOM of the base drum and Ear-splitting screeches of the electric guitar and Vocalists’ vicious incomprehensible vocals.
Fields of war! Sonic boom as the fighter jets break the sound barrier. BANG, BANG, BANG as bombs land and devastate Ratatatat of gunfire, from semi-automatic weapons. Screams of pain, fear and grief. Harsh shouts of combatant commanders barking out orders.
A busy city. Constant rumble and moan of industry and transportation. Shouts of sirens, blasts of hooters and the BEEP, BEEP, BEEP of reversing HGV’s Ring tones and pings of busy smartphones. YAK, YAK, YAK of one-sided conversation Talk on the radio, Talk on the TV. Words by the million, but not much listening Having much to say but not actually saying much.
Inside my h…

Open letter to Mr Rio Ferdinand concerning the "PARTICIPATION MESSAGE"

Dear Mr Ferdinand,
I watched you in your interview with Jonathan Ross on October 25th. You said something that I felt could not go unchallenged.

You said that you were irritated when you hear teachers say, "It is not winning but participation that's important" or words to that effect, and said that winning is the important thing.

I do not deny that teachers, at least many good teachers do say that participation is the primary thing, and I would like to set out the reasons why, in my opinion, this is the right thing to say.

To begin with let me say that the "Participation Message" is not about an excuse to slack off and not try one's best . This was how you represented the Participation Message on the show but that is simply not the case.

We need to firstly put the Participation Message in its proper context. I would be very surprised if the captain or manager of a professional team were to say to the players "The important thing is that you participate…