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Gideon Glimpses God

I have been meditating of late on GLIMPSES OF GOD in the Bible -because that is the title of the series of sermons Vanessa our rector has started preaching at St. Mary's.  

I have to confess I am rushing ahead and looking at some glimpses that Vanessa hasn't preached on.

This evening I have been thinking about  Gideon's glimpse.  Wow, I just feel so empowered by this. So, brace yourself

Midianites were troubling Israelites stealing all their crops and livestock.  Intimidating them day in day out.

So it was that our hero enters the scene. Where is this hero? Hiding away in a hole, quietly thrashing the wheat he'd managed to gather from the fields and being understandably  as inconspicuous as he could be so as not to arouse the interest of  Midianites who would then steal what little food he had left. He was not expecting any visitors. God doesn’t always wait for an invitation.

Enter the Lord in the manifestation of "The Angel of the LORD." And He sits down under…