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PLAYING THE ROLE OR BEING REAL Our first film-group movie of the academic year - was Vertigo by Hitchcock. The discussion that arose out of it, was, to what extent do we find ourselves "playing a role" so as to fit in with what people expect us to be. When I got home, BBC Radio 4 had a programme called "Philosophers Arms" - and they discussed the  Fakes. Do we find ourselves "saying cheese" a lot? I'm not talking about being photographed, so much feeling the need to smile though on the inside we are wanting to weep? Why do we do that? Any thoughts? If we find ourselves "saying cheese" a lot, is there any point in being "in Church?" Can't we worship God as much in the garden (or the golf course, or the fishing pier, your particular favourite spot), if not more, than you can in Church? Is not part of Church, Koinonia - fellowship? κοινωνία, κοινωνίας, ἡ (κοινωνός), fellowship, association, community, communion, joint participa…

Maruge - Freedom Fighter

Maruge - Freedom Fighter

Maruge was a man of great courage and determination Fighting in his life for two kinds of liberation Against the British he took a stand, and Fought for the freedom of his land Then many years later, in his old age, He commenced the battle of the page.
A call came over the radio, "Education for All" Eighty-Four year old Maruge reported for school The teachers and officials were greatly perplexed Why the old man did not go home and relax. "Go home Bwana, your chance you've missed" But the hunger for knowledge made Maruge persist
By sheer determination Maruge won his place in the First Grade to start the education race. Alongside combatants a twelfth of his age The war against illiteracy they began to wage The struggle for letters is not easily overcome Mastered by repetition like the beating of the drum
The war was long over, The British had gone For Maruge, true freedom was not yet won. He was not there yet but it was within sight All …

Nevertheless - II

I lived in fear that I would not be good enough.
I dearly loved Jesus but did He really love me?
I was strongly convinced that I didn't measure up;
That I did not make the grade.

Nevertheless, I had no reason to fear because
Jesus DID love me and loves me more than I can say...

School was a torment, I was teased and called 'weird'
I couldn't play rugby - the sport of men
For cricket you need co-ords - I didn't have them.
I was small. I was weak. I didn't 'pull the girls'
I simply was not like other boys.

Nevertheless, in Jesus, my 'wierdness' was what made me unique
Far from being the OUTCAST who didn't conform
God made me this way, before I was born.

Scared to death that someone would find out
My terrible secret, my great shame;
Paralysed by fear that I'd be exposed,
Carrying on a respectable façade
All the while feeling like a complete charade.

Nevertheless, God "from whom no secrets are hid and all desires known" -
Still loves me …


I went with my friends Fred and Marilyn Brown to Earl's Court Conference Centre to join in the PENTECOST 2012 celebration - a combined effort of three major city churches - namely HTB, Hillsong and Jesus House. There was good praise and worship, The lights gave the auditorium a disco feel. Pastor of the Jesus House preached a message basing it on the story of Nehemiah hearing of how Jerusalem was destroyed and deciding to return to there and rebuild the walls. I am not going to comment on that message as such, but during the evening, the first two stanzas of the following poem came to mind and I wrote them down. The rest of the poem I wrote while I lay a-coughing in my bed!


Spirit pouring out on many heads.
Thousands gathered - arms upraised.
Bouncing with delight that Jesus is their King.

Liberation to those who are bound
Nutrition for those who are malnourished
Sweet words of encouragement for those who are defeated
this was the cause for which He came

Binds that ensnare …

Ha Ha - that is SO funny!

Jokes are supposed to be funny - at least that is the general idea. But a bad joke is not funny. This blog is going to be about two 'jokes' that were made this week that really made my blood boil. The first I am going to tell you about i think the tellers genuinely thought was funny - though clearly it did not go down well with many. The other 'joke' however I do not believe for one second that the teller thought it was a joke when he said what he said, but when it went global and clearly people were seething by the pure evilness of what he was saying he came back and said, it was "only a joke".

"Joke Number 1"
Chronologically this is actually the second joke, but it is the less offensive of the two.

So here's the background to the joke. England's newly appointed Team Manager for the England Football Team is Mr Roy Hodgson. Mr Hodgson has a slight speech impediment that means he mispronounces R's as W's. So here's the joke guys - …

Scrambled Sudoku Part 2

WARNING: If you have not read Part one of this series of posts please read no further until you have read it. (If you choose to ignore this warning, that’s okay, it just means you might mis out on part of the fun of this.
Here is the entire puzzle. I am going to leave the solution out for a few days but am hoping to have comments people who try this. Columns right 6 7 9 1 4 3 8 2 5 8 9 7 5 3 6 4 1 2 7 5