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He took off all his clothes

“I hid my wound under my clothes. Nobody could see it, including myself, and I completely forgot about it. Then I met someone who, filled with love, held me tight in that point. The pain was devastating, and I hated him, o how much I hated him, the cause of all my suffering. Then I met someone, beautifully dressed, and I loved him so much, holding him tight with all my passion. And he suffered badly, and he hated me, o how much he hated me, the cause of all his pain. So the story went on till I met someone who undressed himself, standing completely naked, with all his horrible wounds. Hence I also undressed, and I saw my horrible wounds, which he could also see. Then...”

--Franco Santoro

At the risk of upsetting some of you, I want to say that that last fiigure in the quote reminds me of Jesus. Not the Jesus that has too often been misrepresented. He is not the one who squeezes too tight and causes pain and distress. Those wounds that he shows us were inflicted because of us and he b…


I missed the morning service on Sunday as was visiting a friend who lives out of London.  However when I got to the evening service and read the notice sheet, I learnt that they were dealing with the theme of "disability". I don't know how Young, our curate and the team dealt with it, but let me first of all quote what was written in the notice sheet.

Some people who have what is defined as a disability say "I have not been handicapped by my condition. I am physically challenged and differently able."We often define disability when some is disabled - mentally, physically or emotionally.  However, in those conditions sometimes people with a disability are far more able than we are. Surely none of us are perfect and all of us have some chalenge that we have to work around. 

As we are dealing with the theme of "disability" this morning what would your answer[s] be to these questions:

What is my attitude to people who have disabilities andhow do I react to t…