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The word of the moment is IDENTITY.
What is your identity? Different people will answer this in different ways.
On Sunday, Vanessa preached about the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and her first point resonated with me which was what We share in Jjesus Christ's Identity. That does not we are christs or equal to God, as Jesus is, but that, like Jeses we have the identity of being beloved of God. 
A number of years ago, I came across a book by the Christian writer, Neil. T. Anderson and at the back of the book was a document WHO I am in Christ It said that in Christ, I am accepted, I am secure and I am significant. All of these things are rooted in the overarching reality that we are beloved of God. (Our 
For someone who has struggled with self-belief, i.e. I have struggled to believe in myself, the idea that God accepts me was hard to take on board. And although on an intellectual basis, I knew that God loves me, I think at a deeper spiritual level, I didn't REALLY believe t…