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This post was written in October 2012:

Thought I'd share it again. Please feel free to comment.

Autumn An acorn falls to the ground, By natural processes it becomes embedded beneath the soil.
It's Autumn and the yellow, red and brown foliage blankets the land, Like an electric blanket, emitting its own heat, 11As they mulch the piece of earth that is the nursery bed for a great oak. Rain moisten the soil and the dead leaves give off a heat of their own.
Winter comes, Everything dies back. The colours fade and the world becomes a monochrome, black, white or grey. Animals hibernate. The wind blows, it rains, it pours, then it snows.
ALL DEAD?- NO. Underground, and too slowly for any eye to perceive, The seed germinates and starts to grow.
Spring arrives, the sun rises earlier, and thaws the snow, White covering gives way to green, Shoots break through and greet the new day. It's no longer a seed - it's a sapling.
Over time, it grows, and the stem becomes a trunk. Thicker, more sturdy, U…


Insidious It's insidious, they say, the way it catches us unaware.
How do I prepare to avoid agreeing with the enemy of my soul?
It's insidious! The thing seems so right! It might be the very thing that brings me down.
What are the warning signs that flag up that things are not as they should be?
It's insidious! Just a bit of fun; a joke, I didn't realise it would hurt.
It's insidious! I knew it wasn't quite true — The lie I told to get out of a fix Before I knew it, I'd told six.
It's insidious! He was bringing me down With his criticism and comments. I was tired I snapped and ... He was on the ground.
Temptation does not come as a bolt out of the blue, but rather Like a silent serpent slithering stealthily, Seeking the second it should strike.
Like a lioness, crouching in the long savannah grass, Focused, For that moment to pounce, before her prey can get away.
Like a crocodile, lurking, looking like an innocent log in the shallows of the waterhole. Beady eyes, Watching for it…


I wathced Philomena, the film based on Martin Sixsmith book.

If you haven't watched, I highly recommend it. Though prepare for an emotional roller-coaster.

For me the issue was that the nuns were effectively stealing these children away from single mothers and selling them to rich American Catholic families. They judged the women, or in some cases girls who became pregnant and treated them cruelly. They did not even give the mothers the chance to say good by to their children. They lied to get out of facing the consequences of their actions.

The Catholic Church and other churches too are facing a legal actions because of the child sex-abuse by clergy and many people seeking compensation. However, it strikes me that they also should be facing the consequences of this type of crime against unwed mothers and their children who were forcibly parted and who were deprived of the chances of reuniting. This should be called what it is - CHILD ABDUCTION.

You, reader, are hopefully not resp…