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Making Disciples


Don't come at me with your Bible to correct me
Come to me with love to help me.

Don't stand over me and lecture me,
Sit down beside me and listen to my story.

Don't demand I hurry up and keep in pace with you,
Slow down and encourage me to just keep going.

In time, I will want to read the Bible for myself and discover the exciting truth and treasure contained.

In time, I will ask you to teach me and help me to improve.

In time,  I will Run, and leap, and dance and sing,
I will delight myself in God's love,
In time.


Change and Control
What you're about to read are my thoughts on a topic and does not imply any criticism of any person, whatsoever. There are a variety of views on this topic, some religiously based and some based on nature. I am aware that people have very strong feelings/beliefs as I do, and are sensitive when they believe someone is judging them about these beliefs. As far as I am able, I shall avoid giving the should/shouldn't pronouncements.
So much for the disclaimer, what am I on about, I hear you wondering?  Have you ever noticed how sometimes a series of unconnected things can direct our thinking? Well the topic that has " bubbled to the surface" so to speak is the topic of what we can and cannot control and or change about ourselves, and to what extent we  can "interfere with nature" to make those changes,
We also need to ask what lies behind our wish to make changes.  I am talking here in specific regard to our bodies and our minds and when there …