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Sheltered Childhood When I was three
My world was free,
Exactly as it should be
Life was so happy and carefree
I had no worries, no frets
I was oblivious to any threats

I was watched and protected everywhere
I didn’t know about the dangers out there.
Fun and games were my agenda.
With Bob, James and Brenda
I was safe and sound;
I could play around.

From my beautiful home,
I had no need to roam,
I had food to nourish
Loving parents who cherish,
And a garden to play in, to my heart’s content,
And servants to mind me wherever I went.

By Mum and Dad, I was well looked after
Life was full of fun and laughter
Life was easier
in old Rhodesia
For the lucky few
(with a lighter hue)

Don’t misunderstand,
Life was indeed grand
It is right that we should not expose
Little ones to dangers or foes
Don’t get me wrong
I'm not complaining in this song.

Life in the bubble was perfect and great
With plen