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Salt and Light: An Acrostic essay

Some time ago I heard an excellent teaching on Jesus preaching about Salt and Light- it sparked an idea on my my mind and that was to write an acrostic essay based on the words Salt and Light. 

This blog is going to be growing!
Here is the first instalment

Salt and Light
Matthew 5:13-16
Right after Jesus’ opening words from the Sermon on the Mount known as the Beatitudes, Jesus makes two statements about who we, His disciples are…
He says we are salt of the earth and light of the world. I am sure there is some deeper significant of why he uses the words earth  in relation to salt and world in relation to light, but for the moment, I would like to just talk about the salt and the light.
What I want to do with this exercise is make an acrostic essay using the words Salt and Light as the basis, but before I get into the acrostic, I would like to make a little observation in relation to both salt and light that I find very interesting.
Sitting here, in a pub as I write this piece, having just en…