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Some boys like to play with trucks
Other boys like dolls
Some boys practice rugby rucks
Others, gymnastic flicks and rolls,
All that could be said of girls,
Some like their hair short, others in curls A toy’s a toy, a plaything, a tool,
A thing that they learn with, at home or in school.
One child wears jeans and a t-shirt,
Another, a blouse and skirt,
Whether girl or boy, it doesn’t really matter
Help the child feel good, whether thin, or fatter. “Your gender-blender agenda,” I hear you declaim,
“It’ll bring us all down! it’s such a shame!”
I don’t know this agenda of which you speak,
What I know is, God made us all unique.
Now let me tell you that’s not my game,
I don’t want all children to be the same. Boxing or Ballet,
That should be A-okay,
Doesn't matter what people say,
They don't make you lesbian, bi, straight or gay.
Many achievements towards which children aspire,
Whoever they are, let them do as they desire. Some people take toys out of boxes, then
They put their children in,
Nicely lab…

Lady Bishops

Wrote the original version on Sunday. This is a hopefully improved edition:

In the C of E
Now a lady, a bishop can be,
For many years this has been a source of much debate,
But now it's been accomplished, was it worth the wait?

Now we can follow our vocation
Without barrier or equivocation
To pursue the Spirit's flow
Whether woman or fellow

That said, the talking is not at an end,

Some see this as a dangerous trend
For them, the notion of women's leadership —
Nothing but an ego-trip.

As for me, I think it's good
Things are moving forward as they should,
An evolving Church in an evolving world,
Helping the flag of faith to be unfurled

Time for Christians to get real
Helping the poor find their next meal
Not wagging fingers — don't do this or that
But meeting people "where they're at"

All through life there are issues
About which a side we choose
Jesus calls us to love God and one another
Treating everyone as sister or brother.