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Father's Day - Different Dad's

Father’s Day - Different Dads

There are Dads through blood and others who’ve adopted
Some are Dads through marriage and others who have fostered
Single-Dads and others who are ‘part time’,
Many ways into ‘fatherhood’; one important role that’s prime.

Both Mum and Dad, many are fortunate to have known
A dedicated loving team who fed and guided as we’ve grown
As we’ve come to adulthood they’ve cheered us on our way
Pledging us their full support as we’ve gradually moved away.

Adopting a baby or small child, your unconditional love to show
Brings a new set of challenges to know
What aspirations lie within that heart?
Am I equal to the task? Can I play my part?

Here’s to the many Dads who are doing it on their own
They’re taking on the heavy load, watching us as we’ve grown
Being a single parent is certainly no ‘walk in the park’,
At times they feel it’s more like "feeling my way in the dark."

Sometimes Dads are really Granddads, Uncles or Big Brothers,
Sometimes Dads are step-dads, married to our mothers.
Sometimes Dads can't be there, even when they want to,
Ready and willing to step into his shoes are this crew.

Sometimes Dads come in twos, either through birth or by adoption,
Caring for their offspring and loving each other’s an option,
Many on the outside, look in and shake their heads
Better two loving Dads who care and protect than orphans who have no beds.
(C) 2013 - J.F.


  1. Hi there,

    I hope you are well. It's Diana, the playwright who came to visit you all at the Rainbow church. I have been so busy and have only managed to read the first two and found them to be very moving. I would suggest that you look out for poetry competitions or other spoken word platforms as it could be a great opportunity to showcase your talent.

    All the best,



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